Road Test At DPS

Road Test at DPS / $139.00 --> Click here to purchase this package

Do you need a Car for your DPS Road test? You can use one of our new model cars for your next DPS test. Schedule your appointment on your preferred DPS location and Call us. We can also pick you up and return you back to your home or office after your Road Test.

If you have not taken any driving lessons with us, it is highly recommended that you purchase at least One driving session with one of our instructors prior to your DPS road test. This will allow for an evaluation of your current skills.

We offer a discounted price of = One Session + Road Test at DPS = $219.00*

*Offer is good for limited time and can change without notice. Does not include Pick-Up

Road Ready Driving School can pick you up for your driving lessons/sessions and for your DPS Road Test.

Students who live within 3 Miles of 5959 Westheimer Rd, 77057 can be picked up and returned for FREE.

Below are the Pick-Up Fees:-

Pick Up Fees Per Mile are as Follow:

00 - 03 Miles = $0.00
04 - 15 Miles = $30.00
16 - 25 Miles = $40.00
26 - 35 Miles = $50.00
36 - 45 Miles = $60.00